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In order to facilitate orientation we provide an overview of the cost and procedures for psychotherapy in our practice in 1220 Vienna. We also offer details on the cost contributions of the statutory health insurances, our framework for therapy and inform about our therapeutic methods.

Costs for psychotherapy in our practice in 1220 Vienna

Our fees

Our fee for psychotherapy and consultations, per unit of 50 minutes, is € 100.
Couple counselling and therapy sessions of 1 hour 15 minutes cost € 150.

Health insurance contributions

Frequently you are entitled to an insurance contribution to the cost of psychotherapeutic treatment from your respective public health insurance. This is usually the case if you experience a level of psychological strain (for example: anxiety, stress, burden). We are happy to help clarifying this with you on the phone and will provide you with further information during the initial consultation. We can also inform about the requirements and processes with your statutory health insurance. Besides, if you have private insurance cover, you may wish to contact your private insurance company to find out about your entitlements and procedures to follow.

To explain, the process of payment and refund is that you pay your fee with us and submit proof of payment to your public health insurance. If the public health insurance requires an application, we can provide the forms and fill them out when we meeting. After you have sent payment slips and forms to your insurance company you receive the insurance contriution as soon as it is approved.

The following table lists the current per session refund of public health insurances. It also shows your respective net cost of psychotherapy in our practice in 1220 Vienna.


Subsidy €28
Net cost € 72

Public Services, Rail, Mining

Subsidy €40
Net cost €60


Subsidy €40
Net cost €60

City of Vienna Staff

Subsidy €28
Net cost €72

Framework for psychotherapy

First meeting

In our first meeting, we get to know each other in person. We clarify the therapy approach and methods and also inform about our framework for therapy. In this first session, we already start to work on your issues. To begin with, we attend in detail to your life situation, your goals and hopes for the future and consider how therapy can be useful for you.

The initial consultation lasts the duration of a regular therapy session (50 minutes for individuals and 1 hour 15 minutes for couples) and is chargeable.

Duration and frequency

A therapy session lasts 50 minutes; couple sessions last 1 hour 15 minutes. Appointments take place regularly and at intervals of one to three weeks. However, longer sessions and other intervals can be requested and agreed.


In order to make therapy as useful as possible we will regularly align with you on your aims and the progress of our work. We support you in the best possible way, but it would be inappropriate to suggest that a specific result can be guaranteed.


You pay for your sessions on site. We accept cash, debit cards, VISA and MasterCard. We also support you in processing the reimbursement of therapy costs through your statutory or private health insurance.

Confirmations and statments

If you need any written confirmation or statement, please let us know before the meeting, at the latest at the session start.

Documents or statements in the context of therapy need to be written diligently and often require further input or discussion. This work, outside of session hours, is billed according to the time required.

Rescheduling and cancellation

Sessions can be postponed or cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the agreed session start, but we ask for earliest possible information.

For appointments that are cancelled at short notice (i.e. less than 48 hours before the appointment) without medical reason, half the session rate will be charged. Missed, i.e. not cancelled, meetings are always charged in full.

In case of a delay, an extension of the session time is usually not possible.


We and everyone who helps in the service is, of course, obliged to hold confidential all secrets made known as part of the therapy.

Only in exceptional circumstances, that is if there is imminent danger, or grave concern about your safety or the safety of others, are we legally obliged to include other people or services. We would inform you of this in advance whenever possible.

Our methods

Systemic Psychotherapy Cost Vienna

Systemic Therapy

Systemic therapy is a psychotherapeutic treatment approach recognised under the Austrian Psychotherapy Act. In this form of conversation therapy, we place particular emphasis on how relationships, communication and behaviour patterns influence thinking, feeling and acting. We also attend to personal and cultural beliefs, specific life situation and unique experiences, skills and strengths.


Child and adolsenscent psychotherapy

Psychotherapeutic work with children and adolescents differs from working with adults in terms of approach and procedures, since children perceive, think and feel differently than adults. Consequently, children have different requirements on the therapy process and working with children offers different opportunities to facilitate development.

Trauma Therapy Vienna Cost

Trauma therapy

In order to facilitate the processing of traumatic and stressful experiences, feelings and memories, we use the therapeutic methods Brainspotting and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). Both methods in effect mobilise healing mechanisms inherent in the human brain.

Method-Systemic Constellation Cost Vienna


In systemic constellation work, we help clients to create a model of the relationships and dynamics of a situation, a family or another system in order to facilitate new perspectives, experiences and orientation. Consequently, clients can expand their insight and sense of the situation or system, which is often leading to new ways of being and relating.

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