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Business coaching is as a focus in our consultation practice in Vienna, because it allows us to combine a systemic approach to coaching, international work experience, insights from consulting, and teaching of systemic leadership and consulting practice. Here we offer a brief overview of this service.

Achieving more with Business Coaching

In order to achieve more as a professional, as a team or an organisation, it is often the task of managers to challenge existing perspectives in order to open up new ways forward for themselves and others. To this end, business coaching is an effective tool: it helps executives to reflect patterns of thought and action, to recognize alternative approaches and to shape opportunities to act.

Because organisations are relational, communication and meaning-making systems it is often useful to understand organisational dilemmas and problems in these terms. Our systemic methods help to understand relationships and communication processes comprehensively, gain insights into the dynamics that are leading to problems and solutions and hence to act more effectively as a leader. In other words, systemic methods are particularly useful to position yourself successfully or to influence a system.

Leadership Coaching

With leadership or business coaching, we help you to master special challenges effectively. This includes gaining insights, for example in the complexity of the specific problem, in your own strengths and experiences, in relationship dynamics and the wider environment. Business coaching helps, for instance to

  • Get a grip on new or complex situations
  • Develop and evaluating alternative options for action
  • Increase collaboration and productivity in a team or department
  • Developing relationships or improve team dynamics
  • Start and completing change projects
  • Grow as a leader and stay in balance.
Business and executive coaching in Vienna
Growing opportunities with business coaching

Executive Coaching

In executive coaching, achieving the purpose and objective of the overall system, the organisation or business, comes first. To this end, we reflect on and develop with members of the management team their assessment of the situation, their considerations for tasks and the relevant processes to advance the organisation. Depending on what is required we also invite new perspectives in relation to organisational purpose, structure, culture and process and help thinking trough actions and implications in a confidential, safe and creative process. Target systems in executive coaching include, for instance:

  • Overcoming growth or performance limits in the organisation
  • Personal effectiveness in a system of key stakeholders
  • Reflecting on and developing dynamics in the management team and in the wider organisation
  • Initiating and implementing organizational and cultural changes
  • Strategizing the organisation
  • Knowing and using your potential and your limitations.

Team Coaching

We help teams to be successful together. Team coaching can be used for instance to facilitate team development, team learning, or to overcome difficulties in a team. Because teams and groups often develop complex dynamics and tensions, team members at times do not feel safe, valued, or aligned. Then coaching can help participants to improve team cooperation and effectiveness. Team coaching can help, for example to:

  • Develop team communication
  • Process problems and hopes
  • Understand and change team dynamics
  • Pull together as a team
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Learn from setbacks
  • Achieve goals together.

Business Coaching in Vienna

The Next Step

We hope to have provided an initial orientation to our offer on business coaching, executive coaching and team coaching in Vienna. We are, of course, interested in your challenges or dilemmas and we would be happy to discuss them with you. In order to get in touch please call us, send an email or use the contact form below.

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