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Welcome to our systemic coaching service in Vienna

On this page, we offer a brief and simplified account of systemic coaching relating to our practice in Vienna. In addition, there are links to more information about specific offers for life coaching, business coaching and expat coaching.

We would be happy to assist you in achieving your goals.

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Martin Miksits

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Why coaching?

For organisations, coaching is an instrument of personnel and organisational development. The intention is on the one hand to develop staff and expand leadership skills, on the other hand to facilitate effective use of knowledge and experiences in order to achieve organisational goals.

Furthermore, coaching in the private sector is becoming increasingly important. Life coaching and personal coaching are used, for instance, to facilitate personal effectiveness, to pursue personal and professional goals, and to actively shape one’s lifestyle.

How does systemic coaching make a difference?

Systemic coaching facilitates orientation in challenging or complex situations. It also helps to make sense of the dynamics of a situation or system, to understand how we are part of and positioned in this system and how we can influence it. Owing to these insights, it is often possible to set comprehensive and meaningful goals and to formulate effective strategies. Systemic coaching helps thus to

  • improve orientation
  • better understand your own needs and wants
  • effectively consider others’ goals, motives and resources
  • see when and why you achieve goals or not
  • become aware of unconscious motives and dynamics
  • better understand and utilise your own resources
  • develop private and professional relationships
  • define and implement new strategies and procedures
  • learn from successes as well as from setbacks.

The starting point

The starting point of the coaching process are your hopes, your experiences and your assessments of the situations at hand. Following from that, in a reflexive conversation, we help making sense of the bigger picture informing the situation. As the case may be, this can include the strategies utilised so far, significant relational patterns and communication processes, the way power is used, the emotions that are at play, what dilemmas or barriers exist and other dimensions. In order to facilitate forward movement we invite different perspectives and imagine alternative ways to make sense of and approach the situation at hand. Consequently, we will work with you to evaluate these co-created ideas for their usefulness. We find that this systemic orientation invites comprehensive insight and clarity, facilitates increased levels of agency, and, lastly, leads to effective planning and execution.

At least as important as the structured and creative coaching process is, however, the trusting, professional working relationship with your coach. In fact, this working relationship provides the safe frame to reflect and develop thought patterns, ideas and approaches in a constructive fashion.

Coaching Offer

Systemic Life Coaching in Vienna, Wien

Personal and Career Development

Life Coaching
Career Coaching
Application coaching

Systemic Business Coaching in Vienna, Wien

Leaders and Teams

Business Coaching
Executive Coaching
Team Coaching

Systemic Expat Coaching in Vienna, Wien

Expatriates and professionals from other countries

Succeeding in a special challenge

Framework and cost for systemic coaching

Coaching is a confidential, independent, external and professional service. Sessions can take place in our practice in Vienna or other suitable locations. It is also possible to hold coaching conversations using the Internet and video conferencing.

You may want to contact us to discuss how we can best assist you. The easiest is calling us or sending an email. Building on your initial requirements, we can then inform you about the cost of working together. We appreciate to hear from you.

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