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We offer systemic supervision in our consultation centre in Vienna and online.  This service is in particular focused to meet the supervision needs of psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, health care professionals and teachers.  Supervision is offered in individual, group and team settings, in German and in English language.  This page provides an overview of this service as well as current dates for group supervision sessions.

Aims for systemic supervision

Systemic supervision facilitates attending to specific work situations.  In supervision, we explore and extend ways of meaning making, acting and contributing to these situations.  These situations or dilemmas brought to supervision frequently have a clinical, social or consultative dimension.  Aims for supervision include

  • Service and quality improvements
  • Clarity of professional, organisational and private boundaries
  • Insight in how to be helpful for others
  • Increased level of energy and agency
  • Better cooperation at the work place
  • Reduced stress levels and better health

The systemic approach foregrounds relational dynamics and patterns of connectedness.  In the supervision process, we utilise different positions and perspectives to generate insights on problem creation and re-solution.

Individual supervision

Systemic supervision is part of continuous professional development (CPD) and a requirement for ethical practice in the mental health and social care field. Typically regular meetings are agreed for a period of time, e.g. 6 months or a year. Individual sessions can also be arranged.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements for supervision.

Group supervision

It is possible to arrange for a supervision session for a specific group or team – at your organisation’s premises or in out practice rooms.  In group supervision, we can find responses to difficult or complex situations utilising the diversity of perspectives, insights and experiences offered by group members. 

systemic supervision, also in English language
Systemic group supervision

Online supervision

Online supervision for some is the preferred format for supervision.  Others consider it as an extension to meetings in person.  Appointments for online supervisions are usually easier to coordinate and there is no need to consider travel time and cost.  In consequence supervision needs can often be met effectively and timely. 

Open systemic supervision groups

Open supervision groups are characterised by changing membership between meetings.  In other words, anyone is free to join the group as long as there are open spaces.

Below you find the current dates for open group supervision.  These supervision groups are for psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors and other health care professionals, including professionals in training. In addition, we are frequently scheduling ad hoc dates for groups supervision in response to specific requests – please do not hesitate to contact us is you want to propose a group. 

Some of our supervision groups are offered in an online format.  Please attend to the details announced with the specific dates.

Planned dates for systemic supervision groups:


Gruppensupervision für Propädeutikum und LSB in Ausbildung, 25. Juni 2021 - Online

Online Gruppensupervision - 5 Einheiten

Von (from) 08:00 bis (until) 12:00

Consultation House - Online

Nur noch (only) 4 Plätze frei (places available).

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Gruppensupervision für Propädeutikum und LSB in Ausbildung, 2. Juli 2021 - Online

Online Gruppensupervision - 5 Einheiten

Von (from) 14:00 bis (until) 18:00

Consultation House - Online

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Gruppensupervision für Propädeutikum und LSB in Ausbildung, 20. August 2021 - Online

Online Gruppensupervision - 5 Einheiten

Von (from) 08:00 bis (until) 12:00

Consultation House - Online

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Registration is online.  To register, please select (click) an event in the list above.  You will then find the registration form directly below the presentation of the selected event.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or requests.

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