Supervision for psychotherapy, counselling and social practiceWe offer systemic supervision for psychotherapy, counselling and social practice and also for teachers and healthcare professionals. Supervision is in individual, group and team settings, in English and German language.  Please find more on group supervision here.

Systemic supervision is a confidential service and a resource for professionals to attend to specific situations relating to their work, and to explore current and new ways of acting and contributing to these situations.

Aims for supervision for psychotherapy, counselling and social practice

  • Service and quality improvements
  • More clarity of professional, organisational and private boundaries
  • Insight in how to be helpful for others
  • Increased level of energy and agency
  • Better cooperation at the work place
  • Reduced stress levels and better health


Systemic supervision is part of continuous professional development (CPD) and a requirement for continuous ethical practice in the mental health and social care field.  Typically regular meetings are agreed for a period of time, e.g. 6 months or a year. Individual sessions can also be arranged.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for supervision.  Continue here to explore our offer for group supervision.