psychotherapy process & service

The psychotherapy process – a beginning…

The psychotherapy process creates opportunities to talk openly in a professional and confidential setting to address difficulties and find solutions.

Meeting for the first time we will talk about your situation, who is involved, and what kind of changes you aim for.  We will be interested in what you have tried sofar and what ideas about your situation have emerged.  Furthermore we will be wondering what has been helpful or not so helpful in the past and how your skills and abilities can serve you in the future. Together we explore new ideas for your situation and possibilities to go forward.

Our service – who are we?

Consultation House is a centre for psychotherapy and personal and professional development. Our practitioners are trained in systemic psychotherapy and related approaches and accredited to Austrian respectively UK national standards of practice.

We feel strong about diversity and development. Hence we welcome requests for therapy from women and men of all racial, cultural and religious backgrounds, irrespective of sexual orientation, marital status and age.

Who comes to sessions?

We work with individuals, couples and families, with children, teenagers and adults. At times it is useful to include family members, friends or other people who are involved or can contribute. Who comes may vary from session to session.

How long and how often?

Most clients see us every two, three or four weeks and over a period of several months. If needed we can also offer single consultation sessions.

Sessions normally last for 50 minutes, however longer meetings can be requested. For instance for couple work we recommend a session time of 75 minutes.

How do I make an appointment?

Most people call us directly to make an appointment. If you prefer you can also ask someone else to make these initial inquiries for you.  In addition we welcome referrals from medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, therapists and counsellors.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a single session will be agreed in advance and depends on the specific setting and the number of people attending a session. You can pay for your session in cash, with your bank card (Bankomat), VISA or MASTER Card.

Clients may be eligible to request a partial refund from their public health insurance. Many private health insurances make significant contributions to the cost.

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