personal and professional developmentWe offer workshops, seminars and events for continued personal and professional development. These workshops and seminars contribute to personal and social skills development, relational development, self reflexive development and to systemic thinking and practice learning.

Most seminars and workshops qualify as self reflexive practice ‘Selbsterfahrung’ in the context of the Austrian ‘Psychotherapeutisches Propädeutikum’. Further information is provided with the respective workshop details.  Please note also our offer for psychotherapeutic groups and supervision groups.

Personal and professional development opportunities

Listed workshops and events are either in English or German language.


Diploma in Systemic Leadership and Consulting Practice, Jan-Oct 2020

This course is for professionals, who aspire to a step-change in their practice, creating opportunities for self and others, facilitating wisdom and development in organisations, groups and communities.

Von (from) 9:30 bis (until) 16:30

Seminar room, Ground Floor (IGA)

1 Daleham Gardens, London, NW3 5BY

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Gruppenselbsterfahrung- systemische Selbsterfahrung - Wien - Feb. 2020

Gruppenselbsterfahrung- systemische Selbsterfahrung (Wien) - Februar 2020

Von (from) 15:00 bis (until) 14:00

FUN Bildungszentrum (direkt bei U1 Kagraner Platz)

Donaufelder Straße 252 / Top2, 1220 Wien

Nur 1 Platz frei (1 place left).

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Gruppenselbsterfahrung- systemische Selbsterfahrung - Wien - Juli 2020

Gruppenselbsterfahrung- systemische Selbsterfahrung (Wien) - Juli 2020

Von (from) 15:00 bis (until) 14:00

Nähe U1 Kagraner Platz

1220 Wien, genaue Adresse folgt...

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