Psychotherapy and Coaching for Expats in ViennaThere are several reasons why talents move across geographical, national, cultural and language boundaries.  In any case this is a big commitment and investment for a person, a family or an organisation.  With this post we will draw attention to the specific challenges that expats and their families are facing.  We will also present our offer for psychotherapy and coaching for expats in Vienna.

Considering the challenge of living abroad – Mindful MovingTM

Families abroad have to manage the same life events and challenges every other family has to.  However, there are numerous additional challenges specific to living abroad. The latter include for instance

  • the need to adapt to a different culture
  • involuntary career breaks
  • job search in a new country and in a foreign language
  • spouse professional accreditation
  • re-schooling of children
  • taking care of parents or grandparents who have been left behind
  • and sadly sometimes racism and hate.


After terminal illness and divorce is moving abroad the most stressful event in our lives. Immediate effects may be with the employee but as well with partners, children, those joining or those left behind. Because stress ‘travels’ in systems eventually the whole system will be impacted to some extent.

Die Situation der Kinder im Ausland – Kids On The MoveTM

kids-on-the-moveToday parents who live and work abroad are often considerate what these changes mean for their children.  There are reasons to expect, that children in moving families experience even more significant and more stressful changes than their parents.  That is for instance because they have seldom a say in such decisions, they cannot comprehend the reasons for decision making nor the implications for themselves.

Furthermore there are several levers that contribute to a complex and potentially difficult situation a child finds herself in.  These include language skills, cultural and religious differences, friends left behind and uncertainty about new friendships in a new country. Academic difficulties and progress, being challenged too much or not enough, different rules and values at school may add to these.

We work with children and families to help them grow stronger from the opportunities which living abroad afford them. We also understand and acknowledge what they had to give up and help to cope, mitigate and act on the difficulties they may encounter. Children and adults can be courageous, creative and playful in addressing such challenges and we enjoy joining them.

Resourceful AbroadTM

Being resourceful means to be able to respond to a situation, to interact rather than be acted upon, to have choices how to deal with a situation.

Living and working in a different environment strips us of many resources and possibilities we used to have at home. These include family resources like grandparents, language resources like ways to manage a conflict, professional resources like business relationships, and many others.

From our experience working with expats and expat families, we recommend to actively address the special challenges of living in a foreign country.  Addressing the very special family situation proactively and seeking our professional support in relation to your work, thus signifies prudence, vigilance, and professionalism.

Our offer: Psychotherapy and Coaching for Expats in Vienna

We provide a professional, accredited and confidential service to professionals and their families. In this way we contribute to a successful international assignment.  We can support you professionally through coaching and consultancy.  We also support you and members of your family through periods of psychological stress and despair.

As a psychologic and psychotherapeutic team we also contribute our own collective experience of more than 20 years of living and working abroad.  We are passionate about cultural diversity and hence enjoy working with people of different cultures and backgrounds.  We are also experienced in working with multinational businesses and international organisations.

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