business and personal coachingFor organisations business and personal coaching is a professional instrument for leveraging existing talent and for achieving organisational goals.  For individuals it is a tool for being effective, but also for leading a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

We offer systemic coaching in relation to personal and organisational matters:

Life coaching

Life Coaching helps you to orient in challenging life situations, to make decisions and implement them.  Consider scheduling a life coaching session, for example to

  • come to terms with new and complex situations
  • help orientate and expand perspectives in unique or challenging life events
  • find new ways forward, for instance in relation to developments in your job or transitions in your family
  • consider and clarify the implications of changes in relationships, such as separations, marriages or new partnerships.
  • drive decisions about the way you lead your life, perhaps making lifestyle or health related choices, and turning them into action.


Career coaching

To drive your career proactively, mange transitions, or reorientate yourself professionally, career coaching may be the tool of choice.  Your very next career move is also a stepping stone on a longer term career path, it influences where you can go next.  It hence seems worthwhile to consider the implications of career decisions which may be financial, social and emotional, for you and your family.  In helping your decision making and positioning for success it can be important and useful to work with a coach to

  • make a comprehensive map of your professional strengths and resources, but also what holds you back in your career
  • reflect your values and priorities and find out what really drives and satisfies you
  • develop and evaluate alternative ways of acting into opportunities and strategies to go on
  • make specific decisions and set out clear targets
  • support your plan of action with coherent and meaningful documentation and presentation
  • comprehensively prepare for important conversations or meetings.


Business coaching

Business coaching supports you to meet targets, through generative conversations that attend to your position, work situation, the organisational dynamic and the dilemmas involved.  Some focus areas for business coaching are

  • gain new perspectives in complex or new situations
  • develop and assess alternative plans or ways of working
  • increase collaboration and productivity
  • develop relationships or improve the team dynamic
  • successfully initiate and deliver organisational change.


Executive coaching

Executive Coaching is an effective instrument to reflect your experiences, insights and plans as a leader and to leverage and develop personal and organisational resources.  The ultimate focus of executive coaching is achieving the organisation’s objectives and purpose. Working with an executive coach will help you to

  • overcome barriers to growth and organization effectiveness
  • increase personal effectiveness from within a system of key stakeholders
  • develop the leadership team and the wider organisational culture
  • successfully lead organisational change
  • know and make generative use of own resources, potential and limitations.


Business and personal coaching is a confidential, independent, external and professional service. Sessions can take place at our premises or other suitable locations.  Sessions via teleconference are also possible.